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17 July 2015

Children skincare range: Naif does it good too

If you are a mummy like me who loves organic beauty, you would probably want to find the best natural lines for your children too. I have to say that besides Weleda and their Calendula line, I haven't explored much.
However, I recently discovered a pretty brand that sounded really promising: Naif. It is from the Nertherlands and offers a whole beauty line for our little sweethearts. The products are free from SLS, parabens and mineral oil. They also display a signature scent due the inclusion of fragrance and not essential oils.
So what do I think of the range?

Cleansing wash gel* (€9.95 for 200ml)
I use this transparent body gel almost every evening when I bathe/shower my little ones and I even use it as a shampoo: the formulation is really mild and non irritating. It foams nicely but not too much and is great at cleansing. I wish the texture was a little more creamy and moisturing for my little boy who has really dry skin and eczema patches but I know that this gel is not designed to treat or help such conditions. The scent is very nice and so soft at the same time. The body wash rinses off perfectly to leave a nice and cleansed skin without "over" drying the skin.

Softening body lotion* (sample)
This lotion is lighter than I expected, but still provides a great softening touch to any little skin suffering from dry patches or a tad of eczema, like my son has. It contains some of the richest plant oils such as Macadamia, Avocado or Almond oil. The presence of Coton seed oil, rich in vitamin E and acid oleic, help to regenerate the skin and to retain the moisture. The lotion is very easy to massage and it absorbs really well, leaving the skin very smooth and moisturised. I like to use it rightaway after the bath in the evening or occasionally in the morning on the dry patches only.

Nurturing cream* (€14.95 for 75ml)
This cream has been wonderful at soothing the reddish and dry cheeks of my little boy and I think this is my favourite from the line. I massage his little cheeks every morning as it provides immediate relief thanks to Almond, Avocado and Macadamia oils. It smells really nice and does not feel greasy at all despite the presence of rich botanical oils. This is a very good everyday cream that protects and calms. Really fan of it.

Diaper cream* (sample)
This buttom cream has been really helpful and really effective for the occasionnal redness or any more dramatic rashes. The texture is thick, which is convenient when you want to cover the precise areas of 'concern'. It contains Zinc oxide, known for some its anti-inflammatory properties and protecting properties. You can find vitamin E and bisabolol, very soothing and regenerating. I obtained excellent results wiht this cream. Another big favourite of the line.

As an overall, the Naif line for children has been a fantastic discovery and I will definitely repurchase some of their products such as the Diaper cream or the Nurturing cream when needed.

Available here or at Lovelula.

What do you think? What is your favorite baby/children line?
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