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24 August 2015

Food + holiday + thoughts

Holidays are a perfect time for me to reflect on things - things like beauty (of course!), food, work, lifestyle, family. On those days I am more relaxed and have more time to think about my habits...

So take the example of food. I tend to eat healthy, but often end up eating the same things, things that I like however. But being in another (sunny) environment, discovering new food (delicious food) is fantastic. This year I went to the Provence in France and was also visiting some beautiful villages ardechois - with some great places to eat. Note that I don't follow any type of regime or so but I am always aiming at gaining a more balanced diet but without having too compromise too much on the treats I like (especially desserts :-)... ). Because life is also about pleasure, isn't ? 
Below are my top 5 thoughts/reflections about food during my holidays.

  • Being on holiday was a great excuse to make my diet even greener. Local watermelons, tomatoes, peppers and courgettes were on my menu almost daily and, waoh, I loved it! I even ate an amazing Tomato sorbet.
  • I am a big fan of the Mediterranean cuisine, which I find very tasty. I tried plenty of super nice fishes, black olives, tapenades and the list goes on and on. Hello Omega 3/6 and fatty acids! 
  • The organic Lavander and nougat ice-cream I ate in Grignan (Ardeche) was fabulous. Worth a try if you stop in the aera.  
  • For the past few weeks I have been snacking a fabulous organic superfruit mixture, which includes Goji, Mulberries, Inca berries and Cranberries. Packed with anti-oxidants, I am impressed by the taste and my energy levels seem to have increased.
  • A little shopping tip here: In addition to specialised shops, the organic food in France can be found in every supermarket with a special area really dedicated to the green and "bio", I find that quite handy.

What do you think? Have you been changing anything in your diet while on holiday?
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