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05 October 2015

My latest skincare routine

Today, I though it would be interesting to share the beauty products I am currently using. I will not go into details as this only a sneak peek, but that would still give you a pretty good idea.

I like simple beauty routine- at least, that what works for my skin.


Cleanser - bodhi&birch Rosa Rosa Clarifying cleanser* (everything you want to know about this cleanser is here).
Toner - Fine Lavander flower water (read here why I am a big fan of this one).
Moisturiser -  Supermood Perfect Day cream* (review to come very soon).
SPF cream - Mychelle Dermaceuticals (for more details about this cream, click here).


Cleansers - 1rst cleanse with Akane Purifying Organic make-up removal oil
                                        or Rosa Rosa Clarifying cleanser.
                    2nd cleanse with Rosa Rosa Clarifying cleanser.
Toner - Fine Lavander flower water.
Facial oil - Marie Veronique oil de jour* (Yes, I used it in the evening. Review soon).

Once or twice a week

Masks- Kahina anti-oxidant mask* (check here why you will love this mask too).
             or DIY mask (greek style yoghurt + organic orange flower honey).

I am not :
- using any beauty tools at the moment but I am planning to re-purchase very soon the Konjac sponge (read here why I love it).
- using many products at the same time. I like to keep my beauty routine easy and simple. No need to overdo, overspend and overwaste.
- planning to switch my moisturiser for the moment since temperatures are still quite mild and the SuperMood Perfect day cream has been a true performer (moisturising enough but still very light).

However, I will be :
- starting next week a NEW water-based serum (stay tuned, may post a sneak peek on my Instagram).
- testing a couple of other face masks (since besides serums, masks are the beauty products I love to have). Voila. Thoughts?
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