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12 October 2015

5 beauty things I love to do in Autumn

I just cannot believe Autumn has arrived. Loving the yet early but beautiful leave colors and definitely enjoying the last warm days of indian summer here in Amsterdam.
So today, I got very inspired by this beautiful season and thought it was a good excuse for a little post.

If I had to list my top 5 Autumn beauty rituals I love doing, I would say:

1. Enjoying a yummy and vitamins-packed Pumpkin DIY mask on a Sunday evening: yogurt mixed with honey and mashed pumpkin. Top for the skin!

2. Extensively searching for what will become my beauty must-haves when skin is in trouble during the upcoming cold weather.

3. Adapting my beauty routine according to my skin needs: e.g. starting to reincorporate more botanical plant oils or conforting day/night creams.

4. Reaching for more spiced-scented body products: cinnamon, ginger, and orange are just perfect in giving that warmth and sweet aroma I am looking for.

5. Shopping in some various boutiques in Amsterdam rather than buying online. It is the time of the year where I really value and appreciate shopping in a nice environment.

What do you think? what are the beauty things you love doing in October/November?
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