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23 February 2016

My evening cleansing routine

Today, I will talk about my evening make-up removal ritual, a really special moment that brings me a clean skin, but also a moment of serenity; it is always nice to unwind after a long and busy day!

Step 1- First cleansing  
In winter, I like to use creamy cleansers. It feels more nurturious for my skin and I have to admit that the onctuous texture is something that always appeals to me. Remember the gorgeous Aurelia micracle cleanser (review here) with its dreamy texture...
Well, these last few weeks, I have been using the Pumpkin cleanser (€16.00 for 130 ml) from Mychelle Dermaceuticals. It is less luxurious than the Miracle cleanser and is more suited for daily use. It is designed for dry skin types and it comes as a rich peach color cream that really massages well onto the skin. It is really gentle for the skin. It feels almost like a moisturising cream, except that you rinse it. Not too greasy, not too liquid. I really like the consistency! Formula-wise, it contains hydrating glycerin and honey, while a really subtle blend of spicy essential oils (Clove, Cinammon, Nutmeg) brings some interesting healing properties and a delicious scent. My skin is left super soft and cleansed!
Bare in mind that Mychelle Dermaceuticals have recently redesigned the whole line and it seems that the composition of this cleanser has been modified slightly.

I then follow up with either the Madara micellar water* or with the Beauty by Earth Konjac sponge*.

Step 2- 2nd cleansing
I use the Madara micellar water* (€14.50 for 100ml) which is absolutely a love at first sight! My skins adores it. I don't generally use micellar water at all, but this one is a true blessing. Perhaps because it is not like a "standard" micellar water. Packed with ultra-moisturising Aloe Vera gel, Acid Hyaluronic, Sodium PCA, Rose flower water, it perfectly finishes to remove any make-up traces and gives my skin a really natural glow. I am really loving it and plan to buy another one soon before I run out. No need to rinse with this one.

Additional Step - If I want to increase the natural radiance of my skin, I then reach out for the Beauty by Earth Konjac Sponge* ($14.00 for 2) and use it after the cleanser and before the micellar water. If you are not really familiar with Konjac sponge, you can read about it more here. I am currently using the white sponge 2/3 times a week. It perfectly completes the cleansing ritual by removing the last bits of make-up/dead cells and is really great to stimulate blood circulation. It leaves my skin so smooth... and well receptive to the micellar water.

This evening cleansing routine works really nicely for me at the moment.

Get the Mychelle Pumpkin cleanser on Naturisimo.
Get the Madara micellar water here.
Get the Beauty by Earth Konjac sponges here.

What do you think? what is your evening cleansing routine? any thoughts?

15 February 2016

Some little Organic Surge beauty treats

While living in England a few years back, there was always a english green beauty brand that I was really keen to have and it was Organic Surge.
Family owned business, I have seen Organic Surge evolving very beautifully, expanding their skincare and bodycare range, changing their design into something more elegant and fresh. And I think they have done a fantastic job!

For all of my readers who love green beauty but have a tight budget, Organic Surge is an awesome brand to start with. I have already tried a few of their products and always been happy with them.

I recently made an order at one of my favorite places to shop, Naturisimo, and wanted to share with you what I bought:
I have picked the Moisture boost hair product range since my hair always needs that "extra", especially during cold days. 
The scents of the bodywashes sound so exotic and these shower body cleansers seem to provide all what I am looking for: a bit of dream, freshness, and cocooning under a quick morning shower or end-of the day shower! But yes, I used "seem" because until I try them, I can't be sure of the performance.

Stay tuned for a more detailed feedback. I will post some little updates via my Instagram.

Want to browse through the entire line? You can do it here.

Have you ever used Organic Surge bath/hair products? What is your favorite budget go-to bodycare brand? 

08 February 2016

Nordic savoir faire with danish natural beauty brand Bettes

It is not a secret that I like everything with a nordic touch... So when Mette from Denmark kindly wrote me and introduced her skincare range Bettes, I was extremeley happy!
Mette has developped a beautiful homemade skincare line using all the very best botanicals oils and local herbs, mixed with a pinch of passion and love.
She kindly sent me the gorgeous 3 below.

The luminous face scrub (€20 for 60ml)
Housed in a nice pot, the color is sublime. I love it! It almost sounds like a nice dessert ready to be eaten! For those who wonder, it is a sugar scrub. Sugar scrubs have a reputation to not be that friendly with the delicate skin the particules of Brown cane sugar tend to be too harsh for the skin cells. Having said that, I find that it leaves my skin silky smooth! I only use a really tiny amount each time, add a bit of water, and massage gently my face with circular motions. The pot sounds small but actually it does last quite a while. The scrub formula is beautifully made with some pretty nice organic oils such as Olive, Coconut and Carrot- macerated oil which are some of the best to smooth and soften skins.
... big love for this face polish!

Composition: Brown cane sugar* (Saccharum officinarum), extra virgin Olive (Olea europaea) oil* , virgin Coconut (Cocos nucifera) oil* , Carrot tissue oil* (Daucus Carota, Prunus dulcis oil), Vitamin E (tocopherol), Rosemary (Helianthus anuus, Rosmarinus officinalis).
*certified organic

The beauty cream (€33 for 50ml)
I think this cream should have been really called cocooning cream. What a texture! It is extremely nurturing and rich but without the greasy feeling associated to it. I generaly use it in the evening as a overnight repairing cream. It can provide confort and nourishment to any thirsty and dry skin and is perfect to use it at this (cold and windy) time of the year! I love the fact that it contains homemade floral waters as a base. There is also the anti-oxidant rich- Sea buckthorn oil, "the" superstar beauty oil that revives, replumps, and calms tired skin. Enriched also in rejuvenating Vitamin E rich-Carrot infused oil and hydrating virgin Crambe seed oil.
In short, I am really positive about how this cream is pleasant to use and deliver great results.
... the perfect beauty cream!

Composition: Calendula officinalis (Calendula) and Chamomille (Chamomila recutita) water*, Coconut (Cocos nucifera) oil*, Theobroma (Cocoa) butter*, virgin Crambe (Crambe abyssinica) seed oil*, glyceryl stearate, stearoyl lactylate, cetearyl alcohol, Apple cider (Acetum malus)vinegar*, Vitamin E (tocopherol), Carotte tissu oil* (Daucus carota, Prunus dulcis oil), Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) oil*, Aspen bark (Popullus) tremoloides extract,  potassium sorbate, Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) antioxidant *
*certified organic

The beauty serum (€38 for 30ml)
Displaying a rather dark gold color, this artisan-made pure oil blend has been my evening beauty staple since a while now. I love the consistency, not too liquid, not to thick. It spreads so easily on the face leaving the skin really balanced and moisturised immediately after application.
Loving the simple yet targeted fomula as well. Bettes has selectionned some of the best botanical oils (Pumpkin, Hazelnut, Borage, Sea buckthorn), effective to regenerate skin and boost its repairing functions... and then enriched with squalane, coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E to maximime the serum moisturising/protective effects! I am really fond of this oil: works really well and does exactly what it says!
... again a big love for this one!

Composition: Virgin Pumpkin (Curcubita pepo) seed oil*, virgin Hazelnut (Curylus avellana) oil*, virgin Coconut (Cocos nucifera) oil*, virgin Borage (Borago officinalis) oil*, virgin Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) oil*, Olive squalane, vitamin E (tocopherol), coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), Rosemary antioxidants* (Helianthus anuus, Rosmarinus officinals

Bettes skincare ships to all European countries and to the USA very soon! You can browse through their website here.

Have you tried this line already? what do you think?

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