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08 March 2016

My french green beauty wishlist

Although winter is still full on, I had already the pleasure to see some yellow and purple crocus already blossoming...which reminded me that spring may not be too far away. On that positive note (at least for me), I want to share today some of the french skincare, bodycare and haircare goodies that I am eager to test very soon! Take little notes if you are a french beauty lover!


Odaites - Pure Aloe vera wonder makeup remover (€26.00 for 150ml) promises to gently lift away all make-up and daily grime and to leave your skin soft as a baby skin. Mediterranean scent, ultra moisturising fomula: I can't wait to put my hands on this one.

Indemme - Unexpected lotion (€21.95 for 50ml) is a powerful cocktail of botanical oils and 7 spicy essential oils that will help to fight blemishes/imprefections. Perfect for troubled skins or during ocassional breakouts. Super handy SOS potion!

Beauty Garden - Pumpkin facial mask (€19.50 for 50ml) is one of those masks that act as a quick cocooning fix for the skin. Packed with Pumpkin juice, the texture looks so yummy! I can't wait to try it.


Bomoi - Concentrated soap past (€22.00 for 150g) is probably the most original product of the selection. Designed to clean hand, body and hair, this product is enriched with Avocado, green Mate and basilicum. I am unclear of what the texture looks like, nevertheless I am all up to discover it.

Huygens - Summery dreams bath oil (€42.90 for 100ml) is a beautiful oil "made in Paris" which transforms into a silky milk in the bath. It stimulates tonicity and relaxation while delicately perfumed the skin with a fresh Bergamot scent. I need this one!


Lamazuna - Solid shampoo (€12.50) is a higly raved green and vegan solid shampoo. Funky, design, practical and no waste. It is worth a good 2 bottles of shampoo and is supposed to leave your hair super clean. All what I dream of!

Bio by biot - Detoxifying hair mask (€38.00) is formulated for all types of hair and aims to stimulate and oxygenate the scalp thanks to a couple of exotic plant oils. The super Mint scent brings freshness. Well, if you are not tempted...I am!

I hope you enjoyed my little selection. Anything you would be tempted to have?

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