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15 November 2016

Why you need to try the latest Superfood for the skin: Cacay oil

If you follow the beauty media/social media closely, you may have noticed the increasing focus on a new beauty oil called Cacay oil. It is supposed to be the latest top anti-aging oil and since I wanted to figure out whether it is worth or not, I did a bit of research and, of course, tested one- the Cacay oil* from Cacay Naturals.

What is it?
The precious Cacay oil is extracted from the very nutritive nuts from the Amazon tree Cacay. It has a light nutty smell (which I love!) and a beautiful light gold color.

What's so special about it?
The organic cold pressed Cacay oil is very rich in vitamin E, linoleic acid, and retinol. Great. But what makes it unique is that it contains 50% more vitamin E than Argan oil. The proportion of linoleic acid is much higher than in Rosehip, Argan or Tamanu. The retinol amount is 3x higher than in Rosehip oil.

Which benefits for the skin?
It nourishes and softens the skin.
It heals and repairs.
It reduces redness.
It reduces fine lines and blemishes.
It reduces hyperpigmentation and illuminates.

Which skin types can use it?
All type of skins can use this precious oil, whether you have a dry or oily skin, suffering from breakouts or having a sensitive skin.

My conclusion
I have tried many beauty oils to date, but I have to say that the Cacay oil from Cacay Naturals really stands out. In addition to a fabulous content, the Cacay oil also performs super well. At least for me. I only use it in the evening and after a few weeks of trial, I can say that my skin looks more even, brighter, just more uniform than before. I was not expecting it but this is a really great oil if you want to boost the skin healing functions, fight those little fine lines that appear with age or just restore skin's balance.
I love the fact that this oil comes in a tinted glass bottle which really helps to preserve the integrity of the oil.
Retailing at $38.90 for 30ml, it is not cheap but it is somehow quite well-priced if you consider the performance and the tiny amount you need per day.

This is definitely a beauty winner for me and would definitely encourage anyone to try it!

Get it HERE.

What do you think? convinced?

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