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15 February 2016

Some little Organic Surge beauty treats

While living in England a few years back, there was always a english green beauty brand that I was really keen to have and it was Organic Surge.
Family owned business, I have seen Organic Surge evolving very beautifully, expanding their skincare and bodycare range, changing their design into something more elegant and fresh. And I think they have done a fantastic job!

For all of my readers who love green beauty but have a tight budget, Organic Surge is an awesome brand to start with. I have already tried a few of their products and always been happy with them.

I recently made an order at one of my favorite places to shop, Naturisimo, and wanted to share with you what I bought:
I have picked the Moisture boost hair product range since my hair always needs that "extra", especially during cold days. 
The scents of the bodywashes sound so exotic and these shower body cleansers seem to provide all what I am looking for: a bit of dream, freshness, and cocooning under a quick morning shower or end-of the day shower! But yes, I used "seem" because until I try them, I can't be sure of the performance.

Stay tuned for a more detailed feedback. I will post some little updates via my Instagram.

Want to browse through the entire line? You can do it here.

Have you ever used Organic Surge bath/hair products? What is your favorite budget go-to bodycare brand? 
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