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12 July 2016

Top clay mask : the pink one from Rossi uvema skincare

If you don't know the really nice english green beauty shop Sujet de Vert yet, then it is time for you to discover it. Founded by a green beauty blogger, this online boutique is based in London and retails some really interesting brands - one of them being: Rossi uvema skincare.
I was asked to test a product of the line and my eyes were immediately caught by the rejuvenating mask. Worth it? Read below!

Product: intense rejuvenation Rose & Pink Clay face mask
Certified: no
For: dry, sensitive or mature skins
Texture: creamy
Price: £15.25 for 70 gr

My opinion

If you are like me and don't always have time to DIY beauty, then the Pink clay mask is an excellent choice. Ready made and fuss-free, really easy to use, this skin saviour mask will do an amazing job at keeping your face purified and ultra-glowing.

One of the best key features of the mask is that despite containing Pink clay, it doesn't lead to the dry feeling that some skin types get while the mask dries out. No tight or itchy skin... isn't it nice?
I love the fact that the texture is really creamy and onctuous and application really easy. The smell is really pleasant and subtle, kind of flowery but not too much. So great for any sensitive noses!
The selection of ingredients is really clever: combining the absorbing and the remineralising effects of Pink clay with some soothing and very emolliating nut oils (Sweet Almond and Plum kernel) help the clear out without any drying factors. It also contains Cocoa butter, a lovely and rich butter that protects and nourishes the skin. Another favourite ingredient of mine is Aspen Bark extract. Also present in this other wonderful mask (see review here), Aspen Bark extract is known for its exceptionnel antiseptic properties so I am not surprised to find it here.

I use the intense rejuvenation Pink clay mask once (occasionnaly twice) a week in the evening after exfoliating with the Graine de Pastel exfoliant (see review here) and I just find this rythm being very beneficial for my skin. (As you all may know, I tend to not use/rotate too many products at the same time and like to keep a really well balanced skincare regime -when I can of course). I follow up by spraying my face with the Peppermint floral water (see review here) and gently massage my skin with the lovely healing beauty oil from Be. Loved (see review here). Et voila.

As an overall, the Pink clay mask is a winner: great perfomance and not to forget - a great price too!

.....Really recommend this multi-fonction beauty mask!

+ price
- none

My overall grade: 8.5/10

Would like to purchase the mask? get it here.

Composition: natural pure sundried Pink clay, aqua (purified water), Prunus dulcis (Sweet Almond) oil, Prunus domestica (Plum kernel) oil, emulsifying wax, glycerin, Theobroma cacao (Cocoa) butter, Populus tremoloides (Aspen bark) extract, tocopherol, sodium levulinate, sodium anisate, glycerin, Rosa damascena (Roso otto) oil.

What do you think? do you use any clay mask?

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