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11 October 2016

The green beauty brand you absolutely need to try: Annmarie Gianni

I had the pleasure a few weeks ago to be send a few samples from a brand I have actually never heard before: Annmarie Gianni. I was surprised to find out that this green beauty brand is really popular across the pond. Although popularity is usually not a criteria for me to assess my love for a brand, I am still very curious about why this brand seems so loved.
After a  few weeks of testing, I am now able to tell you what I think. Read below!

Aloe Herb facial cleanser (£23.50 for 50ml) // This light and deliciously scented cleanser is one of my favourite products of the bunch. It features a collection of skin-loving ingredients such as Aloe vera juice, Aspen bark extract and herbs that lift aways impurities and leave the skin completeley radiant and smooth. Love. Love. Love. I will definitely buy the full-size product.

Ayurvedic facial scrub (£22.75 for 50ml) // Lots of love for this powerful green powder blend that contains Fenugreek seed powder, Lavender, Rhassoul clay, Neem leaf powder and much more. The smell is very herbal and nice. I usually mix a bit of scrub with water and apply/massage the paste into the face. I leave it for 5 min and rinse it out. The results are fabulous: supersoft and glowing skin. Definitely one I would buy too.

Neroli toning mist (£25.15 for 50ml) // Another super lovely product! I am a super fan of the Orange blossom Neroli scent, so soothing and calming. The base of this toner is actually Aloe vera which is one the best healing product you may find on the beauty market. I spray morning and evening onto cleansed face and waoh, I just love it very much and my skin too!

Herbal facial oil for normal & combination skins (£31.75 for 15ml) // This is the type of oil blend I love! It smells very nice and herbal, the texture is easy to massage and more importantly, the effects on the skin is really what I expect! I usually use it in the evening. The potent oil blend infused with flower and herb leaves and featuring some top extracts (Rosehip, Calendula) has an amazing texture and bring all the goodies to leave my skin glowing, uniform, smooth and completely healed. Superb results!

Rosemary Peppermint body wash (£29.75 for 200ml) // This is perhaps the product I like the least in the bunch. It comes as a light gel. I like the refreshing and invigorating smell of Peppermint. However it does not foam much and I find that you need a lot of in order to "wash" properly. Less fan of this one.

....One of the best green beauty discovery of this year! You must try it!

You can check/get the products and the whole line here if you are from Europe and here if you are from elsewhere.

What do you think? tempted?

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