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25 October 2016

Beauty Serum selection

Serums are my favorite beauty products. Concentrated. Potent. Must-have.

I have tried many of them and I thought I would make a little selection to help you to find the one your skin needs. Note that I have only listed water-based products and all beauty oils/oil blends are excluded. Dont worry, I will do a specific post for them.

Your skin is dehydrated// Choose the Madara SOS hydra repair serum (see review here).

Your skin is dull// Choose the S5 skincare Illuminate serum (see review here).

Your skin is devitalised// Choose the Andalou Naturals Fruit stem cells Revitalise serum (see review here).

Your skin is inflamed// Choose the Marie-Veronique Redness Relief serum (see review here).

Your skin is unbalanced// Choose the S5 skincare purity serum (see review here).

Your skin needs a boost// Choose the Northport Naturals mineral ocean serum (see review here).

Your skin is tired // Choose the Nuxe beautifying serum (no review yet).

A couple of other serums will be added to the list very soon.

Which serum is your favourite? tell me!
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