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08 November 2016

Introducing the english beauty brand Greenfrog Botanic

Greenfrog Botanic is an english beauty company that specializes in bodycare beauty products. The entire range features a very interesting ingredient reknowm in India for its cleansing property: the soapberry extract. This extract is really rich in saponins- molecules that act as natural detergents. I have never came across beauty products containing these magical berries, so I am quite curious to compare it to other cleansing body products I have used before.
Greenfrog Botanic sent me a couple of products to test. Read about my thoughts below!

Botanical handwash Rose & Neroli (£7.80 for 300ml)
I am someone who tend to wash my hands quite often during the day, so I really need a very gentle handwash that definitely does not overdry the skin. The one from Greenfrog Botanic comes in a handy pump and houses a creamy gold hand cleanser. One pump is enough to throroughly cleanse hands and leaves them delicately scented with Rose and Neroli mixed with some nice Bitter Orange and Lavender aromas. I am quite a fan of the scent and find that my hands are really soft after use. Bare in mind that this handwash is less foaming than traditionnal green handwashes. Last but not least, the volume of the bottle is very generous so happy to give a thumb up to this affordable green product.

Botanical bodywash Geranium & Peppermint (£8.80 for 300ml)
The bodywash is a SLS-free body cream cleanser that looks somehow fairly similar to the handwash in terms of texture but in an even less foaming version. This kind of bothers me a little since I like to have a bit of foam when it comes to showers. Apart from that, I really like the fact that it cleanses well and that my skin feels refreshed and hydrated. Although I am a superfan of Peppermint, I don't get along with the scent. I can't really picture the reasons for that, but it is just not what I expected.  So I am a tad disappointed about this bodywash (I made my husband try it and he loved it: texture, scent, results... so maybe it is just me. But still). Notice again that the price is really good considering the volume. I would be really keen to try the other scents of the range to see whether I have more chances with them.

... let's explore more from Greenfrog Botanic!

Want to have more info or purchase? it's HERE.

Have you tried this brand? what do you think?

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