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22 November 2016

Instagram love: my favorite accounts

You may see me quite active on Twitter, but there is another social media site that I really like using: Instagram. You can find me HERE.
Today I want to share with you some of my favorite Instagram accounts. Some focus on green beauty only, other more on green lifestyle and some are just very inspiring or very pretty. Well, I love them  all and thought I will give them a little shout out!

The Peridot - Run by the lovely Liz and Tamara, this is the lovely account of the amazing online green beauty/lifestyle magazine. I am a big fan.

Oceanearthandhair - This is the Instagram account of Kym (former owner of Flight skincare) who nicely shares snapshots of her amazing liftestyle and family based in Australia. Very dreamy.

Homeadore - I love this account. It really inspires me when it comes to home decoration, interior design, color association, material or anything related to the house. Love the luxurious feeling!

Howyouglow- From beauty products to green milshakes to sandy beaches, this account really helps me to "glow" and brings me "bonne humeur" throughout the day. Worth checking it.

Amsterdamming -  Andra, thank you for showing us some beautiful pictures of Amsterdam!  I am glad you are able to capture everything that makes this city so vibrant and cosy. Check it out!

Sarahapriceca - It is all about green beauty with Sarah. Loving the minimalistic look of her pictures and big fan of her blog too.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts? tell me!

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