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29 November 2016

Baobab oil: its beauty secrets

After talking about Rosehip (see here), Argan (see here), Cacay (see here) oils, today I am very happy to share some great beauty facts about Adansonia digitata oil or commonly named Baobab oilBaobab oil is a very interesting oil that is very popular in Africa but perhaps a bit less elsewhere. So let's discover together its beauty secrets!

Its look and texture / 
Baobab oil is extracted from the fruit seeds of the Baobab. This unrefined and rich oil has a very intense golden yellow color. Lightweight oil, it massages with ease with a very soft touch.

Its smell /
It is quite nutty and very pleasant.

What's inside /
Looking closely at its composition, Baobab oil is rich in fatty acids- acid oleic,  Omega 9, Palmitic acid and stearic acid to name a few.

Good for the skin /
If you suffer from dry skin, then this oil is your little skin saviour. Due to its moisturising, emollient and regenerative properties, Baobab oil repairs and heals little damages. It helps to prevent premature ageing and can even be used on the body to attenuate scars.

Good for the hair / 
Say bye bye to dry ends! The restorative Baobab oil conditions and repairs hair. It protects the hair and keeps it shiny.

The one I am using /
You may have seen it on my Instagram feed: I have been using the Ooh! Baobab oil *(£19.00 for 30ml) since a few weeks now. It was part of the September edition Beauty box from LoveLula (see here). I massage 2 or 3 drops of the precious oil every evening on the areas more prone to dryness, such as cheeks. My skin feels nourished, protected and softened. I have also applied it occasionally before shampoo as a pre-treat on my hair lenght to restore shine and suppleness.

Final thoughts /
Baobab oil is a lovely multi-purpose beauty oil designed to regenerate dry skin and repair dry hair. Perfect to use during Fall/Winter season or anytime when your skin feels a bit on the dry side.

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