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27 February 2017

The Alpine pure oil: a special oil

Who does not need a good beauty oil? Lately I have reviewed some oustanding ones here on my blog (here and here are my current favourites) and today I want to introduce you to the one from TellurideGlow called Alpine pure oil*.
I love the name and I think this beauty oil is quite promising. Why? Read below.

Product name: Alpine pure oil
For: normal/dry skins
Certified: no
Texture: oil
Price: $45.00 for 60ml

My opinion

I have already mentioned a few times in this blog that I don't necessarily fall for a beauty product just because it is "developed" and "owned" by a famous beauty brand. No, that is not the way I work (or more exactly the way my skin works). Small artisan brands can create some fabulous products (remember this one here) and I think the Alpine pure oil is one of the them.

What's in there // This is a lovely light orange/gold colored oil blend of some of the best organic plant/seeds oils you can find for the skin - to name a few: Jojoba oil, Rosehip oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Baobab oil, Evening Primerose oil, Cranberry seed oil, Watermelon seed oil and many more.
To boost the regenerative and moisturising properties, the oil has been enriched with Vitamin E which also acts as an anti-oxidant and preservative and a nice cocktail of 7 essential oils which gives a really warm and dynamic fragance to the blend.

Suitable for // It is written on the packaging that you can use this oil for the face, hands, body and soul. I personally do not use it on the face every day, since I find it quite powerful/aromatic and the scent is a tad too intense for me. However, occasionally or as a special treat is what works for me- I  have used it as a pampering body oil after shower and it is divinely invigorating.
For people with sensitive skin I would recommend to do a patch test, because it contains a lot of botanical actives. Having said that, I have found that my normal/sensitive skin reacts really well to it and have encountered no problems at all.

What I like //   . the unique mega concentrated formulation.
                         . the moisturisation and protection it provides.
                         . the texture of the oil, non greasy (as long as you don't use too much).
                         . the tinted dark glass bottle which preserves from the light.
                         . the therapeutic effects on the body and mood.

Bottom line // Go for it if you are a fan of beauty oils. It is a very nice product and can only recommend it.

Get it HERE.

Composition: Virgin Coconut oil*, golden jojoba oil*, Rosehip seed oil*, Argan nut oil*, Evening primrose oil*, Baobab oil*, Geranium essential oil*, Lavender essential oil*, alpha tocopherol natural Vitamin E oil, Pomegranate seed oil*, Watermelon seed oil*, Pumpkin seed oil*, Cranberry seed oil, Plum seed oil, Maraca oil, Moringa seed oil, Ylang Ylang complete essential oil*, Sea buckthorn berry oil*, Tamanu nut oil*, Neroli-Orange blossom essential oil*, Frankincense essential oil*, Roman Chamomille essential oil*, Sweet Orange essential oil*, mica.

What do you think? have you tried it?

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16 February 2017

Because you will like it: the Love Lula January box

If you are not aware yet, LoveLula offers a really interesting monthly green beauty box. I have already reviewed a few of them here and here and have always been really enthusiastic, so it is with no less enthousiasm that I want to present you the January box retailing only at  £12.50 in the UK and only at £17.50 (3 months subscription) for my international readers. The total value of the box is  £37.00.

Balm Balm Face balm (full size 30ml)- A lovely balm that can be used on any dry areas- face and even body. I really like the gentle Rose scent which reminds me their lovely Rose toner (see here). Certified organic by the Soil Association and using tried&tested natural ingredients.

Ren skincare Evercalm day cream (sample 15ml)- An onctuous cream designed for sensitive and irritated skins. It moisturises, calms, protects and reduces small inflammation. Its appears to soothe and restores the skin's natural balance. Top for the winter weather. I have used it a couple of times only and like the texture and the smell too. 

Laidbare Pack your bags (full size 30ml)- Another great product in the January box. I have been really into eye creams lately and this one from the british compagny would seem to satisfy any tired/ageing eye areas. A small amount of the cream helps to soften and smooth away fine lines. Plus non greasy at all. Love it!

John Masters Organics Evening primrose shampoo (travel size 60ml)- I have high expectations for this shampoo. I have not tried it yet so I will give you a feedback very soon. 

Apples & Bears Bergamot and Green tea body silk (travel size 50ml)- The body lotion from the english natural beauty brand Apples & Bears smells really nice and is so easy to massage in after shower. It leaves the skin really soft and silky and more importantly delicately scented. I have only good things to say about this one.

Hurry up and sign up to the beauty box HERE .

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09 February 2017

Birch water - the truth

A while ago, while shopping at a little organic supermarket in Amsterdam, my eyes were caught by a cute little botttle. Not only the design was really appealing, but the contenant seemed even more intriguing: Birch water.
Of course I heard about Birch water, especially on the timeline of my Twitter :-). However, I had not clue what this drink was all about. So, I bought the bottle from the dutch company Birch Wtr and to tried it out...

What is birch water -
Birch water is naturally extracted from Birch trees at the end of Winter/beginning of Spring.

What is special about it -
Birch water is a low sugar drink, almost calorie free (it has 80% less sugar than Coconut water.). It is  packed with minerals and aminoacids, which makes it naturally hydrating and cleansing. It is also gently diuretic due to the presence of 2 heterosides called belutoside and monotropitoside.

What it tastes like -
The Birch water I tested is infused with Rosehip, so that probably impacts the taste of this one quite a bit. The Birch sap is much less sugary than Coconut water, which makes the overall drinking experience less "pleasant" but still invigorating. The sap is really fluid and refreshing. It left a slight sort of residu-ish on the tongue.

The one from Birch Wtr-
It retails at €2,50 the bottle. Certified organic. Nice bottle. Comes in 3 categories: pure, Rosehip- and Nettle- infused.

Yay of Nay-
I would defintely be keen to try the other versions of Birch Wtr as well (Nettle and pure) but, although very healthy and hydrating, the taste of the Rosehip flavoured version did not blow me away. So not sure if I will be a loyal consumer, but who knows....

Have you tried it? what do you think?

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02 February 2017

Kimberly Sayer goodies: a big yes?

If there is a beauty brand that I want to try for a long time, it is definitely the one from Kimberly Sayer. I always heard/read quite good reviews about her products so I was quite happy to be able to test it. I was sent the Gentle Almond &Lavender face scrub and picked the ultra-light moisturiser SPF 30 thanks to the LoveLula Blogger program. Read my thoughts below!

Gentle Almond & Lavender face scrub (£21.60 for 60ml)
Sensitive (and less ensitive) skins, listen! If you have always been reluctant to using face scrubs, then you may be interested in discovering this one. It comes as a really rich cream which almost looks like a night cream with some little (Jojoba) grains inside. Very softening for the skin, you massage in circular motions all over the face. You can add a bit of water if you prefer the texture to be more fluid. Then you rinse with lukewarm water. Dead cells and grime are swept away while red areas/irritations, often generated by more agressive scrubs, are kept at bay. My skin adores it and is left super smooth and radiant. The formula contains lots of very calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Arnica, Oat, Comfrey extracts, Aloe vera. The scent is very subtle. almost not detectable.
One let- down that I need to mention is that the product composition is not properly displayed (with the full INCI list).

Composition: deionised water, Almond oil& meal, Safflower seed oil, Shea butter, Jojoba beads, vegetable glycerin, Lavander water, hydrolysed Almond Protein, Aloe vera gel, extracts of Arnica, Comfrey, Almond& Oat, milk aminoacids, Ylang Ylang & Orange essential oil, lecithin, vitamin C, A , E, vegetable gum, japanese honeysuckle extract.

Kimberly Sayer ultra light moisturiser SPF 30 (£26.50 for 120ml)
I often use Twitter to mention how important it is to protect your skin everyday with a good SPF cream - no matter in which season we are. The ultra light version of the moisturiser comes as the perfect beauty package for me: light (because it doesn't give any greasy residues on my face after application), easy to apply, well formulated (hello skin loving ingredients such as Safflower seed oil, glycerin, Aloe vera juice, glycerin), nicely scented with Lemon essential oil (quite uplifting but not overpowering), alcohol- free, and cast-free (won't leave any white trace on the face). I also want to mention that the contenance of the flacon is probably twice as big as what I would expect from a day cream, making it a really great value for money.
Another important thing to know is that the Lemon oil used in this moisturiser has been steam distilled which makes it safe to use under sun exposition.
Similarly to the scrub, I hope to see in the future the full INCI list displayed on the packaging.
As an overall, I have been completely convinced by the performance of this cream and can highly recommend it.

Composition: Deionised water, titanium dioxide (mineral sunblock), Sunflower seed oil, lecithin, Safflower seed oil, emulsifying wax (vegetal), glycerin, Coconut oil, Aloe vera leaf juice, Sea algae extract, Lemon oil, Shea butter, green tea, Jojoba seed oil, tocopheryl acetate (Vit E), Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, anthem gum, benzyl alcohol.

.....a definitive big yes for me!

You can get both items at Lovelula here.

Have you tried the scrub and the moisturiser or any other products from Kimberly Sayer?

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