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09 February 2017

Birch water - the truth

A while ago, while shopping at a little organic supermarket in Amsterdam, my eyes were caught by a cute little botttle. Not only the design was really appealing, but the contenant seemed even more intriguing: Birch water.
Of course I heard about Birch water, especially on the timeline of my Twitter :-). However, I had not clue what this drink was all about. So, I bought the bottle from the dutch company Birch Wtr and to tried it out...

What is birch water -
Birch water is naturally extracted from Birch trees at the end of Winter/beginning of Spring.

What is special about it -
Birch water is a low sugar drink, almost calorie free (it has 80% less sugar than Coconut water.). It is  packed with minerals and aminoacids, which makes it naturally hydrating and cleansing. It is also gently diuretic due to the presence of 2 heterosides called belutoside and monotropitoside.

What it tastes like -
The Birch water I tested is infused with Rosehip, so that probably impacts the taste of this one quite a bit. The Birch sap is much less sugary than Coconut water, which makes the overall drinking experience less "pleasant" but still invigorating. The sap is really fluid and refreshing. It left a slight sort of residu-ish on the tongue.

The one from Birch Wtr-
It retails at €2,50 the bottle. Certified organic. Nice bottle. Comes in 3 categories: pure, Rosehip- and Nettle- infused.

Yay of Nay-
I would defintely be keen to try the other versions of Birch Wtr as well (Nettle and pure) but, although very healthy and hydrating, the taste of the Rosehip flavoured version did not blow me away. So not sure if I will be a loyal consumer, but who knows....

Have you tried it? what do you think?

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