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11 January 2017

7 Winter beauty tips for a healthy skin

After a little break during Christmas holidays, I'm happy to be back with a first 2017 post focusing on little ways that help your skin to remain healthy and happy during the harsh Winter weather. Whether it is cold, windy or snowy, the skin suffers from all these environmental changes. So what to do?
I have listed below a few beauty tips: have a look and see what could work best for your skin...

1- Swap your daily gel cleanser for a more creamy/soothing version that will also bring some moisturizing ingredients.
For example Aurelia miracle cleanser or  Barefoot SOS nourishing cleansing cream).

2- Use a moisturizing serum as a primer before your daily cream.
(For example Madara SOS hydra repair intensive serum).

3- Choose a rich(er) moisturizer that can soothe and really protect the skin well against the external factors.

4- Add 1 or 2 drops of Baobab oil to your moisturizer. It will bring extra nutrients to the skin.
(For example Ooh! Baobab oil).

5- Do not forget to wear a sunscreen or an SPF moisturizing cream. Remember that UV radiations are the first causes of premature skin aging- even in winter.
(For example Beauty By Earth facial sunscreen SPF20 or Kimberly Sayer facial moisturiser SPF30).

6- Keep your lips and hands repaired by applying everytime it is needed a regenerating lip balm and a protecting hand cream.
(For example Weleda skin food or Herbfarmacy lip conditioner).

7-Avoid long and hot showers which tend to dehydrate the skin.

What do you think? Any other beauty tips to add?

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