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22 March 2018

Hyaluronic acid toner Mega mist by ByBi- just another toner?

Today I am very excited to talk about toners and particularly one: the ByBi Mega mist toner formulated and launched by the clean Beauty Co team, Elsie and Dominika.
Toners have an important place in my beauty routine: I never skip them! I have been using the ByBi Mega mist for weeks now and I just even finished the last drops this morning. Did this toner meet my expectations? Find out below.

My opinion

With its lovely and fresh packaging, the Mega mist seems to have been created for me. It is housed in a glass spray bottle that delivers a fine transparent liquid solution. The smell is quite fresh and pleasant although nothing that reminds me of flowers or sweet scents.
The pH of the skin usually varies between 4 and 6 and one beauty step that is very pH disruptive is cleansing. That is why using a toner after face cleansing helps to preserve the acid mantle of the skin and to maintain its skin barrier function.

What does it do? 
The Mega mist features a lovely blend of some great beauty ingredients- soothing Rose flower water, calming Lemonbalm water,  bitter Orange flower water, and a few interesting plant/fruit extracts such as Pomegranate extract. To boost the moisturizing properties of the toner, you can also find Sodium hyaluronate- the salt of the highly praised hyaluronic acid.
Bare in mind that this toner is not organic certified, so I am not sure whether some of the ingredients have been organically grown or not.

How do I use it?
I usually use it every evening after double cleansing. It is very refreshing and hydrating. I make sure to not overspray as it can leave the skin slightly sticky.

What are the results/conclusions?  
I have finished the bottle this morning and I can tell you: I love this mist! It really gives my skin a gentle illuminating boost without being "too much". My skin is left really happy and glowing after each application. What I also like is that it provides a little bit more than what I expect from a simple toner.
On a more practical side, I really like that the toner volume is not too big- quite handy I would say to transport.

Any downsides?
I noticed that if I spray too much product, my skin become a little bit sticky which is not something I particularly like. Perhaps it is due to the presence of caprylyl/capryl glucoside which acts a natural foaming surfactant. This has put me off to spray this mist on the top of my make-up.

Bottom line
Retailing at $36.00 for 100 ml, the price tag is quite high. Having said that, this alcohol-free and refreshing toner offers a lot of benefits for the skin. It is a great addition to your routine if you are looking for that sophisticated toner that aims to bring a bit more than a just a single ingredient- traditional toner. Overall, it works really well and is really gentle. Did I say that the packaging looks really cute? In short, I would be very happy to repurchase another flacon!

Composition: Rosa damascena (Rose) flower water, Citrus aurantium amara (bitter Orange) flower water, Melissa officinalis (Lemon balm) flower/leaf/stem water, glycerin aqua, propanediol, sodium levulinate, heptyl glucoside, caprylyl/capryl glucoside, sodium anisate, sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), Aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder, Camilla sinensis (Camelia) leaf extract, Laminaria digitata (algae) extract, Punica granatum (Pomegranate) fruit extract, lactic acid, polyglyceryl-5 oleate, sodium cocoyl glutamate, citric acid, glyceryl caprylate, heptanol.

What do you think? Have you tried this toner yet?

Buy it HERE.

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07 March 2018

My Winter beauty picks for a smooth skin

Cold, rainy and windy, the Dutch winter is usually not kind to anyone's skin, including mine.
To combat the harsh wintery conditions, here are my top picks to maintain my skin soft and happy!

The Antipodes Grace gentle cream cleanser (£24.99 for 120ml)
This creamy and rich cleanser feels like heaven for environmentally-stressed skins. Its delicate formulation features some amazing ingredients for dry and sensitive skins- Avocado oil, Macadamia oil, and the anti-inflammatory super antioxidant Vinanza Oxifend. I usually use this cream cleanser as a 2nd cleanser. I massage a small pea onto the face insisting the forehead, cheeks, and chin.  The smell is lovely and feels like a mixture of Vanilla and flowers. This is not an everyday cleanser for me but it does a perfect job cleansing and nurturing the skin, and this is so needed in Winter!

The John Master Organics Calendula toning mask (£26.00 for 57g)
I have completely fallen in love with this mask. A total bliss for the skin which is left so smooth, hydrated and soft! The little pot contains one of the most effective formula I have come across in terms of results. Using Aloe vera as a base, this powerful treat softens and immediately repairs the skin. It is so perfect in Winter if your skin is dry, sensitive or irritated. I do recommend it to anyone of you who are looking for that powerful soothing weekly treatment.

The Madara total renewal night cream (£42.00 for 50ml)
I have raved about this cream before and I am not surprised to talk about it one more time. This is one of my favorite products from Madara: a light pastel green unctuous night cream packed with the most effective ingredients such as Birch water, cell repair bio complex and hyaluronic acid to work overnight to improve skin regeneration, soothe dry patches, stimulate cell's functions for a plumped and completely rested skin in the morning. This is a wonderful product that really delivers outstanding results. I use it every night and I love it!

The John Master Organics Lime&Ginger hand cream (£14.00 for 54ml)
It has perhaps not the richest texture but it does its job well: soothing and keeping my hands hydrated throughout the day thanks to the presence of Sunflower and Black spruce needle oils. I usually reapply it a couple of times, since my hands tend to be quite sensitive to cold weather (and I am outside quite often). The smell is lovely yet subtle. I would love to try the Orange & Rose scented version which also seems very appealing.

The Melvita l'Argan bio gentle shower (£13.86 for 250ml)
I am quite a fan of the Weleda body washes (see HERE) but this time, I thought that I would experiment a body product from the French brand Melvita. The Argan bio shower gel cleanses the skin without stripping the body natural oils. The presence of Argan oil emollients soothes and hydrates while the delicate scent envelops the skin and softens the senses. If you are looking for a gentle body wash that does exactly what it says, then go for it! I had a look on their website and got my eyes on some other body cleansers too- the  Rose Petal shower and the Extraordinary shower.

What do you think? How are you keeping your skin soft during cold weather?

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