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08 December 2018

4 beauty products I can't live without

I tend to be a skincare/makeup minimalist. I like to keep my beauty regimen simple. Although I love discovering new natural beauty products, I have been really faithful to a few products since a while now. The reason behind it is obvious: if my skin looks happy and healthy with the skincare items I use, why would I change or switch products?
Today, I would like to share with you the 4 awesome beauty products that have changed my skin and beauty routine into a better one. Read below!

The first product I always keep in my beauty cabinet is one that is simple, pure, amazingly scented, soothing, toning, rebalancing, calming. Have you guessed it? Yes? No? Well, I'm talking about organic Rose water.  I like to reach it after cleansing my face to rebalance the skin. It helps to readjust the skin's pH to a more acidic level. I use it twice a day after morning and evening cleansing routine. Rose hydrosol has great results with irritated and sensitive skin as it helps to gently decongestion and refreshes the skin. I am currently using Alteya Organics Rose water, and I love it.

Moving on to my 2nd top skincare products now. If you are following my blog, you are probably aware of my love relationship with the Kimberly Sayer Ultra-light organic facial moisturiser. Honestly, I can't get enough of this super light yet hydrating moisturiser. It is aimed at combination/oily skins, but will perfectly work if your skin is normal to dry. (Having said that, if you prefer a richer texture, you can always try their antioxidant cream which also contains an SPF). It is not heavy, quickly absorbed, and I can right away apply my makeup. I use it everyday without any fail. This is really a solid buy for me since it delivers great results and my skin looks really healthy.

The other skincare item I always have in my beauty cabinet is a bottle of organic Rosehip oil. Designed to all the sin types, Rosehip oil remains one of my favorite night treatments. My skin is always glowing and "reset" the morning after- definitely looking more unified. Small imperfections also seem to heal quicker when I use it. Since Rosehip oil is very sensitive to oxidation, I tend to choose beauty brands that sell Rosehip oil in a dark packaging rather than in a "pretty" packaging if that makes sense. Trilogy Skincare Rosehip oil and Alteya Organics cold pressed organic Rosehip seed oil are my top choices.

Last but not least on my list of can't-live-without products is the amazing Absolution face scrub. This scrub is more like a rich cream than a light emulsion. The tiny micro-granules and the AHA's gently buff away dead cells and impurities leaving the skin soft and super glowing. I find that la Creme gommante combines the effects of an extremely gentle peeling treatment with the restorative effects of a potent repairing cream. All in all, this is a winner for me and will remain so.

And there you have it! Have you spotted any favs? Tell me below!

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