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26 January 2018

2 beauty products to rescue irritated & inflamed skin

Life is a rollercoaster. Sometimes the journey is calm and smooth and sometimes, the journey is rougher and more hectic. All these changes can really reflect on the skin if not handled correctly.
With the aim of nurturing, balancing, soothing my skin, I have reached out for 2 calming beauty skincare products that I have picked at Lovelula: the CV Skinlabs Rescue+Relief spray* and the Ren Evercalm ultra comforting mask*. Find out below what I think of them!

CV Skinlabs Rescue+Relief spray ($34.00 for 175ml)

 I was really interested in a high performant product that could ease right away any signs of itchiness, discomfort or stress and hoped this spray would become very soon a beauty staple in my routine. And the answer is yes: I might have found a little gem here!

The CV Skinlabs spray has been formulated as an "advance therapy for burned, wounded or irritated skin". My skin is neither burned or wounded. It also does not show any kind of distress at the moment apart from occasional redness. What has particularly attracted me in the Rescue+Relief spray is its awesome formulation.You can find a plethora of soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Aloe vera, water lily extract, Turmeric root extract, Ginger, Alpha-Bisabolol, Oat kernel extract- to heal and calm any flare-ups.

I mainly use this spray on the face and on the decollete in the evening instead of a toner. The emulsion is light and milky and feels like a nice breeze but I try to not overspray as it could make the skin a tad too sticky.

This is a product that I mainly reach to balance my skin and bring a moment of peace as the serum delivers the ultimate soothing ingredient cocktail.  If you have a sensitive, tired, stressed or troubled skin, I would really recommend this product as the ultimate SOS skin treat!

Ren Evercalm ultra comforting mask (£28.00 for 50ml)

I have been testing topical probiotics a couple months ago (see HERE), and since then, I have really been wanting to incorporate into my beauty routine more products using these new ingredients in their formulation. So I have picked the  Evercalm mask, a creamy and unctuous mask designed to strengthen the skin barrier. It contains a combination of probiotic- the Lactobacillus ferment, emollients- Alpha-glucan oligosaccharides, alongside other skin-loving components such as some nurturing botanical oils and algae extracts.

I wanted a mask that is able to calm my skin and to offer a moment of de-stress while restoring the skin's natural balance and stimulating its own repair mechanisms ... and it really seems working well!

The mask is housed in an airless flacon pump which is hygienic and delivers precisely the amount. needed. I generally leave it a good 20 min -even more- to maximize its effects. My skin is left luminous, soothed, and appears to be less reactive.

If your skin is easily irritated or stressed, this mask really helps to manage and tone down the skin sensitivity. Do no expect too much miracle overnight but this is a great beauty item to reach weekly for a more healthy complexion.

The only downside for me is the small countenance of the product for its price.

What do you think? Which products are your reaching when your skin is unsettled?

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