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27 February 2018

LoveLula February green beauty box: interesting selection

Another month has passed and it has been a little while since I haven't shown you the monthly Lovelula green beauty box content. So here it is -the February edition*, worth more than £65.00! You only pay the amazing price of £12.50 in the UK and only £17.50 (3 months subscription) if you live outside the UK and you get all the products below!

And not to forget, you also get a 20% discount on all the brands included in the box. So If you really like a product and would like to purchase it, jump on the offer! Back to the content now.

Madara exfoliating oil-to-milk scrub (full size- £24.00 for 60ml)
This is actually the 2nd time that the Madara face exfoliant features in a Lovelula green beauty box. I like it as it really does what it says on the packaging. The unctuous gel rich in Apricot oil and in small wax microbeads transforms into a milky emulsion once you mix a bit of water. It is a perfect skin smoother and really help to unify the skin. If you have a sensitive skin, I would perhaps use only a really tiny amount as I find this exfoliant almost working "too well".

Urban Veda Radiance hydrating toner (full size- £9.74 for 150ml)
Featuring Tumeric and botanical infusion of Marigold, Patchouli, and Coriander, this toner has everything to make my skin happy. Designed to even the skin tone and revitalize the skin, I can see this one becoming a beauty staple very soon. However, I have seen that the formulation is not as clean as I would expect to be. It also contains alcohol. So again, if your skin is usually reactive, patch test before use.

Ooh! Organic avocado hydrating facial oil (full size- £19.00 for 30ml)
So glad to see the latest beauty oil of Ooh! featuring in this box! Avocado oil is a dreamy oil for dry skins as it soothes and deeply nourishes the epidermis. I do not have a dry skin but the cold weather conditions have made my skin more sensitive and a bit more flaky than usual. To combat these symptoms, I mix my favorite moisturizer (see HERE) with 1 or 2 drops of this beautiful rich oil to add some nourishment. I also massage my hands with a few drops and they literally drink them up!

The generous sample contains enough to cream to cover at least a couple weeks of application. I have yet to try this moisturizer but by the look and the scent of it, it looks really nice. It features a whole bunch of skin super active ingredients such as botanical oils and plant extracts to hydrate, protect and revitalize the skin. Stay tuned, I will give you a quick feedback on Instagram as soon I have tried it.

Another great box from Love Lula. Hurry up and sign up HERE!

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