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05 April 2018

Vertue box (green beauty + superfood) review

Today I have the pleasure to introduce you the Vertue box, a green superfood healthy box carefully curated by Laila and delivered to your door every 2 months. Before I talk a bit in more detailed about its content*, let me tell you that the box only retails at  £34.00, amazing price isn't it?
Let's discover the content now.

Health-boosting supplements

One Earth Organics Shine bright Superfood blend (full size)
Made with 5 top beauty powders - Acai Berry, Baobab, Goji berry, Moringa, Matcha-, this blend is packed of anti-oxidants and minerals and promises to deliver a shot of vital nutrients to help to support your health system and to promote at the same time this amazing glow on your face. Nourish your skin from within: this is key for an healthy skin!

Kiki Health Nature's living superfood/alkaline infusion (full size)
This is a potent alkalinizing herbal blend designed to cleanse and boost the body internal system. It features an array of top green herbs, algae, enzymes, and bacterial cultures. More specifically, you can find Dandelion leaf, Nettle, Wheatgrass, Spirulina, bromelain to name a few. I am super excited to start a little cure with this one and this is by far my favorite products of the Vertue box.

We are tea Cleanse tea (sample)
I am not necessarly a tea drinker as I prefer cold drinks however I'm still happy to test occasionnaly some new tea-  and this is even truer when the tea is praised for it detoxifying and purifying properties. The "Cleanse inner support" is a smart mix of rejuvenating plants such as Nettle, Dandelion, LiquoriceMilk Thistle and Lemon peel. The taste is absolutely lovely, nothing too strong or too bitter. I really want to give this special tea another go!

Creative Nature superfoods Chia seeds (full size)
These so tiny black Chia seeds are actually packed with Omega-3, proteins, and other nutrients that aim to boost your energy throughout the day. Really easy to use and quite versatile (you can eat them raw or baked or soaked), I  actually like to add them to yogurt. Almost tasteless, they are just a great addition to my daily eating routine.

Skin beauty goodies

Weleda Skin food (full size)
The cult beauty balm for Weleda is a beauty must-have that helps to nourish and smoothe dry and rough skins thanks to the Chamomille and Calendula. Face or body, the thick balm can be applied anywhere and anytime when your skin really needs some nourishement and cuddles! I love using it on my hands or cheeks especially prior cycling! My children also tend to have a dry skin and this rich balm never fail to transform their red and flaky cheeks into very soft ones!

Luna Kloris (sample)
It is always nice to discover a new beauty brand and Luna Kloris is one of them! This english company has recently launched this beautiful natural luxural oil designed to restore the skin radiance. Handcrafted and featuring a blend of anti-oxidant packed oils, the Luna Kloris oil smells really amazing. I have only tested it once so can't tell much about it but the blend really absorbs well leaving the skin wonderfully smooth.

Optiat Hungover coffee scrub (full size)
I was not expecting much from this body scrub to be honest: I have a tendency to stay away from messy scrubs especially those containing coffee ground as they can turn my clean shower/bath into a really messy one. BUT this scrub really took me by surprise: it works amazingly well and gives my body such a nice invigorating and refreshing feeling thanks the the Peppermint it contains. My skin is left polished, smooth, and really nurtured. So apart from the tiny mess it leaves, I really love this product and would be eager to try the other scents!

Nini Organics Natura miracle mask (generous sample)
I love a good mask so I was pretty excited to try this one. Housed in a cute little container, this powder mask is a powerful blend of healing clays and herbs garanteed to revive and clarifying any type of skins especially the troubled ones. You can mix  it with a bit of water but I prefer using honey or yogurt instead. I apply the paste, leave it for less than 10 min, gently massage the paste, and rinse out. The effects on my skin are really noticeable: my skin looks brighter, calmer, and purified.

Siskyn Lemon & Sea Buckthorn night treatment oil (generous sample)
Designed to brighten the skin, the Siskyn night oil is a lovely blend of some really precious oils: Borage, Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, Carrot, Evening Primrose to name a few. I love the idea of the roll-on, just perfect to deliver the right amount of oil while gently giving a little massage. The scent is really citrussy obviously, and this is just right up to my taste!

"All in all, I have been really impressed by the Vertue box: excellent content for a really good price! I forgot to mention that the box packaging is meticulously done and that all the information regarding the products can be found inside. Well, I am now very impatient to discover the content of the next box!"

You can sign up to the Vertue Box HERE and enjoy a discount for all these amazing products!

What do you think? Have you already tried the Vertue box?

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