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19 April 2018

Spring skincare routine + current make-up favorites

I can't believe we are already in April and that we are having such a fabulous and sunny week!
With brighter and longer days ahead, I thought I would share with you a couple of beauty and make-up goodies that I have been reaching really regularly.


The Zk'in softening cream cleanser *($29.95 for 100ml) // This cleanser is such a wonderful discovery. Formulated by the Australian brand, the fine non-foaming emulsion is a pure bath of hydration for the skin. It still cleanses the skin thoroughly while leaving the skin incredibly balanced and calmed. The scent is super nice as well. This is one of the best surprise of 2018 so far!

The Zk'in natural hydrating mist *($39.95 for 120ml) // I have been diligently using this toner and, wow, it is really lovely! It gently soothes and hydrates the skin. The scent is really subtle. Made with Aloe vera juice and some other great plant-based ingredients, I bet you will fall in love with this one as well!

The Antipodes Worship anti-oxidant serum *(£33.00 for 30ml) // With its amazing composition featuring New Zealand superfruits, this light red tinted oil-free serum has everything the skin needs to protect and fights against premature aging. This is the perfect addition to Springtime since days are sunnier. It absorbs really well and leaves the skin exceptionally smooth and radiant. I never skip it in my morning routine.

The Kimberly Sayer moisturiser (£26.50 for 120ml) // As you can see, I am still really faithful to my favourite moisturiser. I use it every single day. It is not greasy, moisturises really well and protect the skin against UV thanks to it SPF 30. All in all, I am so super keen on this one. You can read HERE the full review.


The RMS eye shadow Garden Rose-gr19 *(£19.00 unit)// I have already mentioned the RMS beauty eye shadow HERE. I have been reaching for this eye-shadow quite often: it has a very nice pink shade, slightly shimmery, but not too much. The shade goes extremely well with my green eyes and it just feels very springy!

The PHB Ethical Beauty 100% Pure liquid eyeliner Black *(£12.95 unit) // I love the slight edgy side that eye-liner gives to any eyes. It gives that little extra "kind of chic " if you see what I mean! The liner from PHB Ethical Beauty is really nice- it is easy to applied, the brush applicator is great and super fine, while the liner really behaves well all day long. I am really enthousiastic about it and would definitely buy another one.

What do your think? What are your Spring favorites?

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