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20 November 2018

The beauty face oils everyone should know

Who does not love a good face oil that concentrates all the plant goodness and promises to deliver hydration and much more? Well, all face oils/blends are not created equal. I have tested over the last few months some face oils: all have their unique history, compositions, and benefits. Here's my little round-up below. If you are an oil lover and thinking of updating your face oil collection, then, you are going to be thrilled!

Esse Organics Repair oil*(£36.00 for 30ml)
Esse organics is a South African natural beauty brand that I really cherish. All the products I have tried so far never failed my skin and I have always observed an improvement of my skin after a couple weeks of use. And the Repair oil is by no means an exception to the rule. With its unique texture, the repair oil has been my go-to oil to provide softness, nourishment, and restore "that" glow. Rich in Flax seed, Rosehip, Vitamin E and Kalahari melon oils, I can't rave enough how my skin looked unified and healed the morning after.

Laponie Skincare Facial oil *(€44,00 for 30ml)
Originally from Finland, Laponie skincare combines a lovely range of natural and vegan skincare products designed to treat and care for the skin while carefully maintaining its balance. The Laponie facial oil is a luxurious oil blend made from regenerating Argan oil, calming Oat kernel oil,  healing Rosehip oil and soothing Raspberry oil. While this oil feels incredibly moisturising, it offers other skin benefits: it helps to decrease inflammation and improve redness areas. Suitable for all types of skin including skin prone to blemishes and breakouts.

Living Nature Ultimate day oil* (for 30 ml)
Featuring Tangerine peel and Lavender essential oils, the Ultimate day oil combines a very citrusy and refreshing scent with a lovely composition to ensure the skin stays smooth and glowing. This daily treatment is rapidly absorbed, suitable for all type of skins, and ensure the skin stays moisturised and soft. If your skin is too sensitive for essential oils, then, this oil may not be for you. All in all, the Living Nature day oil is great at maintaining the skin healthy/ happy and improving its radiance. I love applying one or two drops in the neck and even behind the wrist as an alternative to perfumes.

Troos skincare Fine botanical facial oil* ($46.00 for 30ml)
The elegant packaging is the first thing that caught my eyes. Isn't it beautiful? The fine botanical oil features some very classical plant oils known for their moisturizing and fast-absorbing properties such as Grapeseed oil, Olive oil  and Rosehip oil. The smart scent of French Lavender is beautiful and calming. The lightweight oil delivers hydration for a more luminous skin. This oil is targeted towards those with normal skins but would also recommend it to those with sensitive/dry skins.

Ooh! Organic Hemp balancing face oil 19,00 for 30ml)
This is just 100% pure Hemp seed oil that offers a hell lots of benefits for the skin. In addition to be very moisturising and softening, Hemp oil is reknown for its anti-inflammatory properties. Hemp oil is suitable for all skin types especially the troubled skin as it provides moisture without aggravating existing skin issues and/or clogging the pores. Applied daily, Hemp oil helps to minimize fine lines and contributes to a clearer complexion. A firm favorite here!

What do you think? Which oil would you like to try?

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