Natural beauty and well-being

_Who I am

Natural beauty is a true appreciation of my life-

I embrace beauty. It reflects sensuality, care, responsability. People need to be pampered and so do I :-)
I consider organic as a real appreciation of life and its quality. It is a way to fully enjoy the potency that nature has to offer, to appreciate the raw, unique and wonderful properties of each ingredient and ultimately to respect the planet and environment by choosing "green". One aspect for me which is very important, is to help people understand the crucial difference between classic beauty and organic beauty products.

Beauty blogging, nice-

I love beauty and blogging. That is one thing. I am also quite a perfectionnist and like to deeper understand the background of things. This allows me to make a well considered choice for myself, but I also like to share my findings with others.
My mission is to write a blog that is both informative and enjoyable to read. I hope that it comes across that way!
Also, I try to fit my blogging activities as much as I can into my routine, but my life as a mummy takes over sometimes.

Natural products tend to be more expensive, but it is often worth the money-

It is indeed a little investment, but I believe that it is definitely worth the money. If you want to try something less expensive, then it may be slightly less great, but not always of course. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the product composition and the quality of ingredients used. Homemade skincare may be a good alternative, very beneficial for the skin and easy to do to. I will blog soon about it.

I give honest and foremost independent advice-

Before I review beauty products, I first use them myself for at least 1 month. I like to be thorough and I think you need it to become familiar with the product and to see any visible effects (or side effects) on the skin.
I buy my own products, but also receive samples from beauty companies. However, I always decide myself about which products and when I write reviews. I am independent and will never accept payments or other benefits in return. It will never impact my reviews and I always express my positive and negative critics the way I see it.

I am a scientist by trade – and that’s the way I think-

I have a PhD in Biochemistry/Cell Biology and I have worked in Cancer research for a few years. Science is a very challenging world, continously evolving as new scientific techniques emerge.
I have also studied organic chemistry as well which is very helpful to understand the structure of molecules and the way they react which each other in various environments.

My moto-

Passion and knowledge :-)
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